Our qualified and skilled teachers and experts are happy to teach you Pashtu/ Dari and provide lectures on the history; geography; and traditions of Afghanistan.

We have a variety of Pashtu - English, Dari - English , Farsi - English , English - Pashtu, English Dari and English-Farsi Dictionaries in stock. We also have in stock a large number of books which give information about Afghanistan in Pashtu/Dari and in English. Driving Theory book in Dari and Pashtu are also available. Please contact us for our booklists.

Nothing is too big for us
We provide high quality services to individuals and all types of companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune around the world. We work nationwide and worldwide

Afmart Language I. T. A. B. provides a full range of translation services to everyone worldwide. We specialise in translating business and commercial texts to the highest standard. Combined with our use of translation technology and our extraordinary flexibility as regards client needs, this results in the professional and reliable translation service.

Our company is a multi-sector translation specialist and has particular expertise in the following fields:

We guarantee a consistently excellent quality of translation in each of these various fields by making sure we assign every translation to the most appropriate specialized team of highly qualified translators, proofreaders and editors

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